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Museum und Leihverkehr

Where standard is not enough

Museums and exhibition houses are increasingly faced with economic and administrative challenges when realising a lively and captivating programme of exhibitions and events. Focus is on controlling and an increase in self-financing. All the more reason, therefore, that insurances for museum collections and temporary exhibitions with international loans must offer financially feasible and yet efficient and reliable solutions.

For this reason, it makes sense to regularly check the benefit-cost ratio of insurance services used in connection with the exhibition operations of museums and art galleries on the market. We provide advice on the potential for optimization. Owing to our independence and our intimate knowledge of the international art insurance market, we create competition and identify and implement optimisation opportunities.

We offer to museums and art galleries

Concise and individually tailored policy wordings without reference to additional general insurance terms and conditions as distinguished from standardised insurance products

In-house art expertise

High underwriting capacity

International orientation and transnational programmes through exclusive access to the world’s most qualified specialist insurance markets

Excellent expertise in claims handling and claims settlement

Cooperation solely with specialised art underwriters known to us personally at selected insurance companies

State-of-the-art insurance for museums and loan exhibitions

  • Insurance of terrorism risks for exhibitions
  • Insurance of war, terror and strike risks during transports
  • Insurance of contingency risks and business-interruption
  • Insurance of defective title risks
  • Difference in conditions and difference in limits cover in the case of government indemnity schemes
  • various profit-sharing options
  • Waiver of recourse against third parties such as auxiliary staff or forwarding agents
  • comprehensive assistance services in the event of a claim
  • Cyber insurance: assumption of costs and damage repair in the case of loss and manipulation of data

Flexibility, promptness, accuracy

We manage the insurance of loans to exhibitions with the necessary flexibility, accuracy and promptness of response and service. We provide the required insurance certificates for borrowers and lenders and manage the premium settlement.

We advise museums and
art galleries, among other things …

… on benchmark analysis of existing insurance contracts with regard to premium level and insurance quality

… on options for intelligent structuring of insurance needs (bundling in a master policy or splitting insurance areas into separate policies, first loss and layer coverages etc.)

… on the wording of loan agreements

… on special underwriting requirements of international lenders

… on questions of actuarial practice

… on government indemnity schemes and supplementary difference in conditions and limits coverage in the event that the liabilty offered by the public sector is not sufficient

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Are you interested in our services?​

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