Vermögen, Privat, Versicherung
Vermögen, Privat, Versicherung

Insurance for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Vermögen, Privat, Versicherung

Family Office Culture

Our specialisation is the key to exceptional insurance cover. We bring an in-depth understanding of the lifestyle of high-net-worth individuals. Protecting privacy and maintaining discretion are a fundamental part of our approach.

At every stage of our cooperation, we remain personally approachable and accountable to you. We look after your interests in private insurance matters prudently, comprehensively, professionally and with the necessary sensitivity. Thus, we adopt an advisory approach which is comparable to that of a family office.

Integrated solutions in one policy

For high-net-worth individuals, integrated insurance solutions are a good way to efficiently bundle their insurance needs. One of the benefits thereof – among other things – is that extensive insurance cover is available in all areas. This above-average scope of insurance goes far beyond conventional household insurance.

Art is insured together with contents, valuables and privately used real estate in one policy. All-risk coverage applies to all three areas.

Secondary residences abroad can also be included under the insurance. There is seamless insurance cover across national borders, taking into account country-specific legal requirements and compulsory cover.

There is worldwide off-premises coverage for your valuables, your art collection and your household effects, so that insurance cover is provided not only at your home, but also during temporary stays in other places, such as on holiday and while travelling. Jewellery and wristwatches are also insured while you are wearing them or taking them with you on your travels.

Insurance cover also includes so-called collectibles, such as a collection of valuable wines, design objects, hunting weapons or musical instruments.

In addition, we advise collectors of classic cars and exclusive sports cars on specialty insurance that meets the special requirements of protecting and preserving the value of such vehicles. High vehicle value and rarity of collector cars should be accompanied by all risk insurance. Our Classic Cars policies can be used to insure individual vehicles as well as entire collections at agreed values.

Innovativer Schutz

Innovative protection

Property insurance protects against financial loss in the event of damage or destruction of things that make up the personal living environment, such as the home, holiday property, household effects, jewellery and other valuables, sports equipment and an art collection. However, risks can affect not only one’s property but also oneself.

Kidnap and ransom

Kidnap and ransom pose a real threat to wealthy individuals, owner-managed companies, and executives and individuals who are particularly in the public eye.

In this specialised field, we cooperate with a network of reliable partners with access to the world’s leading providers of kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance. Quality of service and advice in response to an incident is paramount.

Professional insurance solutions in the event of kidnapping, extortion, identity fraud and unexplained disappearance of the insured or their family members comprise:

Professional risk and crisis management

On-site support from experienced crisis advisors

24-hour rapid response service in the event of a hostage situation

Worldwide coverage

Reimbursement of ransom payments and related costs in the event of kidnapping

Cyber risks

You and your family become victims of cyber-bullying on the internet. Your personal digital data is intercepted and illegally published with the aim of defamation, allegation of false facts and blackmail. Payment details are spied on and used to make purchases on the internet. Your identity data is intercepted and fraudulently used on the internet.

Cyber cover includes the erasure of defamatory and slanderous entries on the internet, the deletion of stolen personal data such as credit card numbers on the internet and legal advice for all risks related to internet use.

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