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Private Kunstsammler versichern

Private Art Collectors and Art Foundations

Private Kunstsammler versichern

Art Foundations
— Shaping the Future

Foundations often emerge from large private collections that exceed the scope and significance within the framework of private ownership. By transferring them to a foundation, the continuity of the collection can be shaped over generations.

Art collections transferred to a foundation cannot be compared with museums in public ownership. Nor can they be equated with private art collections. Art foundations require a specific, individual insurance concept.

As a specialised insurance broker, we provide services for a large number of different art foundations. These include, among others:

Art foundations that have arisen from private art collections

Art estates, i.e. art holdings of deceased renowned artists that have been transferred to foundations.

Non-profit art foundations with extensive international exhibition and event programmes

Specialist, intelligent insurance concepts for art collections

Our insurance concepts for art collections and art foundations offer extensive insurance cover. In principle, all risks of physical loss of and damage to artworks are insured, regardless of the cause of loss or damage. Only a few, clearly named risks are not covered by insurance. The type and number of risk exclusions are a measure of the quality of the insurance cover. With only a few precisely defined exclusions, we offer the highest degree of security.

Due to their compact, clear insurance terms and conditions, our insurance concepts stand out in a market comparison. In the interest of comprehensibility and clarity, we avoid any of the cross-references to additional sets of conditions that are customary in the market. The insurance conditions are easy and quick to understand and do not contain any hidden exclusions.

Unlike standard policies, the special provisions of our insurance concepts are freely negotiable. This opens up variable options for drafting insurance contracts corresponding to your individual insurance needs.

Insurance values are the heart of an art insurance policy. They are the basis for the insurer’s compensation payment. The works of art in your possession are an essential part of your assets. That is why we offer advice on insurance values and the compilation of an inventory list to your collection. Insurance can be based on agreed or declared values. The basis for settlement in the insurance contract can be current market values, replacement values or other individually agreed value categories, depending on your personal risk philosophy.


Provident insurance is available for new acquisitions and increases in value of artworks, so that the sum insured is adjusted to the development of the value of your collection.


A lively approach to art is important. Transports are insured worldwide nail-to-nail against all risks. There is also insurance cover for temporary stays of art at unnamed locations – for example at galleries, museums, photo studios, restorers or with experts for research.

Losses can also affect working materials such as technical operating equipment, the reference library, furnishings and exhibition equipment. In order to protect you from financial loss in this case as well, the technical and commercial equipment is also insured at replacement value.


If works of art are partially damaged, the insurance benefit will not only cover the costs of professional restoration. Any remaining decrease in value will also be included in the compensation payment.

Decrease in value is an important issue in the event of a claim. Assumption cannot be made that damages will be accepted by parties active on the art market, where the monetary value of art is formed through the interplay of supply and demand. Restoration may mitigate damage or almost eliminate it visually, but the integrity of an artwork and its original condition are destroyed.

Many factors influence the diminished value of damaged works of art. In particular, it is important to provide a detailed and balanced analysis of the respective sub-market, market participants, price structures and collecting preferences, and the artist’s characteristics.

We accompany claims settlements in a committed and qualified manner from A to Z. If, in the case of total loss or partial damage, the amount of the loss has to be determined, the contracting parties – policyholder and insurer mediated by Preventum – appoint an expert by mutual agreement. Well-versed art experts who do not only possess the respective art expertise, but are likewise familiar with both the art market and the art historical background and restoration issues will be commissioned to assess the damage.

The true value of a policy becomes apparent in the event of damage. We guarantee fast and competent help in settling a claim. This also includes the necessary costs incurred as a result of the loss, such as clean-up costs, transport and storage costs and repairs to building damage.


Private Kunstsammler versichern

360° perspective - comprehensive protection for art foundations

As a founder and foundation board member, you assume responsibility for an art collection whose preservation and dissemination to the general public is a value in itself. This entails a wide range of tasks, for example:

Fulfilment of the foundation’s purpose through exhibitions, events and sponsorship awards and programmes

Increasing public awareness and scholarship of the artist’s body of work, inventorying of collections and artists’ estates, compilation of catalogues raisonnés

Successful management and investment of foundation assets in a low interest rate environment, aspects of tax law and valuation of foundation assets, coordination with foundation and financial supervisory authorities

Cooperation with galleries to represent interests in the art market

The management of most art foundations requires a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, an overarching view of risk transfer and coverage is advisable. Liability and risks on the part of founders and foundation boards do not relate solely to the care for the art possessions.

Do you, as a founder and foundation director, keep an eye on your personal liability in the case of losses from capital investment or in the case of loss and destruction of artworks forming part of the foundation’s assets through neglect in storage and exhibition?

Is your foundation protected in the event of claims for damages by third parties? As soon as your foundation offers services and advice, there are vulnerabilities to financial losses, for example in connection with the authentication of artworks or the sale of art from the foundation’s assets.

The IT systems of art foundations are collection points for desirable and sensitive data. Is your foundation protected against financial losses from the loss of data? Not only private-sector companies, but also non-profit foundations and museums are increasingly becoming targets of cybercrime.

You manage the foundation’s assets in a fiduciary capacity. Is your foundation protected against financial losses caused by third-party fraud scenarios such as diversion of payment flows (payment diversion attack) or fraudulent payment remittances by outside third parties (fake president fraud)?

We offer advice and insurance concepts for art foundations for:

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