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Preventum, Kunsterversicherung

Bespoke insurance for parties involved in the art business

As an independent, internationally oriented specialty insurance broker, we provide advice and service to policyholders from various sectors of the art world.

Our clients include high-net-worth individuals and art collectors, museums and exhibition houses, art foundations and corporate collections, galleries and auction houses as well as companies from the specialised financial services sector.

Our clearly defined focus and specialisation enable exceptional performance in the design, negotiation and servicing of insurance cover.

Wir sprechen die Sprache des Kunstmarktes

We speak the language of both, the art market and the insurers

Art insurance is closely linked to the art market. The insurance industry is regulated by its own laws and speaks its own language. Successfully combining both worlds requires art expertise and insurance know-how.

We offer you both. We guide our clients in insurance matters as advisors, risk managers, mediators and negotiators.

The requirements and interests involved in insuring art are becoming more complex. As an independent service partner, we respond with creative, individual advice and pragmatic solutions – personal, holistic, specialised and efficient.

Cyber Risks in the Art Market

Cyber risks are gaining relevance also in the art market. Auction houses, art foundations, galleries and museums increasingly become a target for cybercrime. Cyber insurance offers effective protection against high financial loss.

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Insurance for Masterpieces

Interview in ASSCompact | Magazine for Risk and Capital Management with Madeleine Schulz and Paul Bunten, Managing Directors of Preventum GmbH

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Insurance Management

Due to our dual qualification in insurance on the one hand and in the art business on the other, we offer our clients a specific and far-reaching range of services and advice. Our specialisation and expertise generate added value.

Risk Management

We are experienced and qualified in developing and managing the framework for preserving and protecting art collections. Our commitment does not stop with servicing your insurance policies.

We provide holistic and practically relevant advice on safeguarding art so that art can stay in motion and be experienced universally as an important component of our culture and economy.

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Are you interested in our services?​

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