Risk Management

We advise on the avoidance and management of risks


Risk management – Those who identify risks at an early stage and monitor them regularly are more successful.

We have expertise and experience in designing underlying conditions for the preservation and protection of art collections and the assets associated herewith. On this basis, we offer advice on risk identification and a management approach tailored to your activities.

We identify and assess risks associated with your activity. Based on this analysis, we develop a concept for monitoring typical risks and preventing typically avoidable losses.

Increasing digitalisation and global operations affect the risk environment of companies as well as that of institutions and foundations. Is your company protected against the consequences of a cyber attack? Do you have a contingency plan in place and are you able to act in the event of a sudden business interruption?

Our advice can cover different areas, depending on the nature of your relation to art.

The focus may be for instance on preventive measures to avoid damage and loss of art in the context of exhibition logistics, packaging, transport and storage.

Another area in which we offer individual advice is the protection of the asset value of art from damage not covered under property insurance, such as defective title risks or fidelity risks in transactions like the purchase, sale or financing of art.

Where we act exclusively as consultants in the field of risk management, we are given a clear mandate and enter into a fee agreement with you. Our remuneration is based on the time spent and the content of the advice. If we act as insurance brokers, we receive remuneration through brokerage fees from the insurance companies, unless insurance contracts are brokered with a netted (i.e. commission-free) premium on the basis of an express agreement to this effect.  

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Are you interested in our services?​

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