Insurance Management

Our qualifications and specialisation in insurance and the art business open up an exceptional and wide-ranging spectrum of services and advice tailored to your specific insurance interests.


Risk analysis and ongoing advice

We understand insurance management as an integrated process, beginning with our detailed consultation and analysis of your insurance needs and your existing insurance portfolio.

Together, we determine the optimal combination of risk transfer and own risk assumption that meets your insurance coverage requirements.

We are interested in a long-term cooperation with you. Accordingly, we measure ourselves by the continuous and consistently qualitative service we provide.

Shaping individual risk transfer

We define the contents of your insurance cover in close consultation with you. The goal will always be the beneficial and sustainable transfer of those risks that you consider relevant to your particular life situation, company or activity.

We develop independent and exclusive insurance concepts with selected insurers who are established and internationally active in the market segment of art insurance. In doing so, we use the possibilities and the spectrum of the insurance market creatively and adeptly.

Our cooperation with insurance companies is based on continuity and trust built up over many years. Our business relationships with insurers are resilient, characterised by personal contacts and tried and tested over many years.


We select suitable insurance companies on the basis of clear criteria:

Willingness to adapt to the special features of art as an object of insurance solutions, especially in the case of claims settlements.

Quality and suitability of the insurance conditions / insurance products

Flexibility and customer orientation with a view to requirements for numerous options to shape individual insurance wordings


Quality and reliability in claims settlements

Consistency in business policy, i.e. long-term perspective in the business field of art insurance

Suitable internal structures with fixed contact persons, no call centre principle in administration and claims handling

Marktbefragung und Risikoplatzierung

Market survey and risk placement

As a specialist insurance broker, we use our long-standing and tried-and-tested business relationships with insurance companies in the niche market of art insurance and related insurance lines to optimise your insurance cover.

Optimisation of your insurance cover in terms of coverage and premium conditions through independent analysis of the insurance market.

Negotiation with insurers on needs-oriented and competitive offers

Access to international insurance markets


Cancellation of existing insurance contracts

Conclusion of the optimal alternative insurance solution

Where existing insurance contracts are to be maintained: Negotiation with insurers to supplement, extend or curtail existing insurance contracts

  1. Assessing and analysing your insurance needs
  2. Analysis of your existing insurance cover
  3. Matching them to your individual risk philosophy
  4. Proposals and coordination for updating or restructuring
  5. Negotiation in the insurance market of the agreed required insurance cover
  6. Evaluation of the offers and explanation of the terms and conditions as a basis for decision-making
  7. Implementation of the insurance concept
  8. Regular information and advice on current market and product developments
  9. Adjustment of the insurance solution in the event of risk changes and changed coverage needs

Contract management

Our comprehensive support for concluded insurance contracts comprises, among other things:

Regular consultations on changes in insurance needs, new risks and developments in the insurance market

Continuous review of the benefit-cost ratio

Explanation of the insurance cover

Optimisation of the administrative expenses

Provision of overviews and explanations on insurance contracts concluded

Management of premium payments and, if necessary, differentiated premium breakdowns

For museums, exhibition houses and galleries
Bilingual management of international loan transactions (including preparing and sending the necessary insurance certificates, explaining insurance cover to lenders and borrowers, advising on subsidiary cover in the case of state indemnity schemes)

Claims management

Professional claims management is one of our core competences. With our expertise on both levels, in the field of underwriting on the one hand and the expert assessment of damages plus our familiarity with the practices in the art business on the other hand, we are qualified and committed claims settlement mediators.

We accompany you through the entire process from the recording of the loss incurred and initial measures to the payment of the claim. In doing so, we actively shape and manage the clarifications and negotiations with insurance companies and loss adjusters on the amount of damage and the insurer’s obligation to pay.

Damage assessment / selection and documentation of claims information

Support in decisions on necessary immediate measures

Professional advice on the notification of claim

Assistance with the compilation of damage-related costs

Down payments and claims settlement

Qualified support and management of claims negotiations:

  • Advice on the selection of suitable loss adjusters
  • Support in negotiations with insurers and in assessing the cause and amount of the damage or loss
  • Support in discussions with claimants, lawyers, experts
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