Personal. Specialised. Independent. Committed. Based on partnership.

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Personal. Specialised. Independent. Based on partnership. Committed.

Founded by Madeleine Schulz and Paul Bunten, both art historians with many years of professional experience in the art market and the insurance industry, Preventum offers private collectors, museums, foundations, galleries and auction houses throughout Europe exceptional and tailored insurance solutions based on longstanding expertise and specialisation.

“Insurance and risk consulting can only fulfil their purpose in context. You have to know the industry and take seriously the people and companies you are insuring and advising. Insurance products fail to serve their purpose if they do not take into account the needs of the insured. We founded Preventum to offer people and businesses in the arts industry appropriate and individual insurance solutions and reliable as well as dedicated advice from a single source.”

Qualified and personal

Our family office culture with high professional qualifications and specialisation ensures comprehensive, efficient, personal and confidential advice and support for your insurance needs from a single source. Our work is designed to provide support of consistent quality and long-term cooperation with our clients.

Specialised and internationally networked

Specialisation goes hand in hand with in-depth knowledge and specific market contacts. We have an extensive network and provide access to national and international specialty insurance markets. This enables us to respond to non-standard requirements, such as insurance interests abroad or the need for special cover components and protection against new and emerging risks. We find solutions for a wide variety of insurance interests independent of standardised products offered by large insurance groups.


We tap the entire spectrum of the insurance market and work without contractual ties. When negotiating with insurance companies, it is only your individual interests and demands in insurance matters that count. We create competition and ensure an optimal benefit-cost ratio.

Committed and based on partnership

Our responsibility and commitment are not limited to arranging insurance cover. We provide you with long-term support in your insurance interests, especially in the event of a claim.
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Are you interested in our services?​

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